Man, his Shih Tzu walk circumference of Earth in his neighborhood over eight years

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — A man in Alaska and his little Shih Tzu have logged a lot of miles on their daily walks — enough to circle the world.

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Over the past eight years, Mike Mitchell and Chance have walked ... and walked ... and walked around their South Anchorage neighborhood, KTUU reported.

Mitchell started tracking his steps back in 2013 and recently he noticed he had taken enough walks that added up to 24,901 miles, or the equatorial circumference of Earth, according to

He said he averages about 3,000 miles a year by taking multiple walks every day all year long.

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“Somehow we managed to walk the distance around the planet,” Mitchell told KTUU. “I think it’s remarkable my little dog can walk around the planet.”

Mitchell told KTUU that he doesn’t plan on stopping.