McRib returns to McDonald’s menus nationwide

McDonald’s bringing back McRib nationally

The McRib sandwich returns to McDonald’s menus nationally Dec. 2 for the first time in nearly a decade.

“Good morning to everyone who asked how I was doing last week,” McDonald’s wrote on social media Friday. “And to everyone else ... McRib is back 12.2.”

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The oblong, pork-pressed barbecue sandwich has come and gone during limited, seasonal runs since 1982. It was last sold nationally in 2012.

While the purveyor of fast food offered the McRib last year, it was only available at 10,000 of McDonald’s 14,400 U.S. locations, CNN reported. The sandwich is sold year-round in Germany.

The popularity of the sandwich led the restaurant chain to develop its own McRib tracking app, CNBC reported.