Pilot on trial after wingsuit skydiver is decapitated by plane wing 20 seconds into jump

A pilot on trial in the death of a skydiver says that the man was decapitated about 20 seconds into the jump because he “did not follow the expected course and should never have been on that course.”

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The pilot, Alain C., is facing manslaughter charges in the death of Nicholas Galy, who died in July 2018.

Galy, 40, was one of 10 parachutists aboard the flight and one of two passengers who jumped from the plane at around 14,000 feet, The Daily Mail reported. He was wearing a wingsuit — a full-body contraption that lets the wearer glide like a bird.

About 20 seconds into the jump over Southern France, the plane’s wing and strut hit Galy and he was decapitated.

According to The Times of London, Alain descended rapidly after two wingsuit-outfitted skydivers jumped from the aircraft, catching up with them as they glided across the sky.

But as the plane caught up with the skydivers, the left wing struck Galy, the Times reported.

Galy’s body landed in a field after his emergency parachute opened.

During the trial, Alain argued that Galy was at fault in the accident, since he “did not follow the expected course and should never have been on that course.”

The pilot later said he thought Galy was further south when he was in fact parallel to the plane.

“I think my flight path made sense,” Alain said. “This has been the tragedy of my life, but I am not at fault.”

The pilot also said he did not brief the skydivers about the jump and acknowledged he lost track of the wingsuit duo, assuming he was clear of them, the Times reported.