Tennessee man arrested while doing rain dance in Waffle House parking lot

MADISONVILLE, Tenn. — A Tennessee man is accused of public intoxication after a police officer found him running around in circles in the parking lot of a restaurant.

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Michael Ray Harmon, 36, of Madisonville, was arrested Thursday and charged with public intoxication, resisting arrest and giving a false report to a police officer, according to Monroe County Sheriff’s Office online booking records.

According to Madisonville Patrol Officer Wes Martin, Harmon was running in circles in the parking lot of a Waffle House at about 3 a.m. EDT, The Advocate & Democrat reported.

Martin said he approached Harmon and asked what he was doing, and Harmon originally said he was running in order to cool down, the newspaper reported.

When Martin asked again, Harmon said he was doing a rain dance like Native Americans, the Advocate & Democrat reported.

According to a police report, Harmon also told the officer there was a monster inside the Waffle House, WATE-TV reported.

Authorities believe that Harmon was under the influence of synthetic cathinones, known as bath salts, the television station reported.

Harmon also gave the officer a false name at first and became combative after being placed in the officer’s patrol car, the Advocate & Democrat reported.