US Olympic team to wear Ralph Lauren again; See 2024′s uniforms

Team USA

The Olympic opening ceremony is scheduled for July 26 in Paris, and clothier Ralph Lauren has unveiled what the athletes will be wearing at the games.

The designer has been creating the uniforms for Team USA since 2008, and for 2024 used the fashion capital of the world for the official clothing, which “draws inspiration from the dynamic and vibrant host city” and “embraces a patriotic spirit reflected in a signature palette of red, white and blue,” CNN reported.

“We want the athletes to walk out on a global stage feeling like they are ambassadors of American culture, American leadership and American sportsmanship. I think that Ralph Lauren is able to understand that ethos and bring it to life,” David Lauren, the company’s chief branding and innovation officer told CNN.

Opening ceremony

The opening ceremony uniform will be a classic navy blazer with red and white details. Under the blazer, the athletes will wear a striped Oxford shirt, navy knit tie and relaxed and faded jeans, The New York Times reported. The newspaper called the blazers “less yacht club, more private-school boy with a naughty streak.”

Closing ceremony

The closing ceremony look will be a racecar-style jacket with USA front and center across the jacket. Under the coat, there will be a striped polo shirt paired with white jeans. Team USA and the American flag will also be on the leg of the jeans.

Olympic athletes wearing the Team USA closing ceremony uniforms.


The line that is inspired by the Athletes’ Village will be available for purchase and include typical Ralph Lauren items such as jackets, sweaters, rugby shirts, knits, sweats, tees and more.

One Olympian called the periwinkle blue nylon bomber jacket the “billionaire astronaut” look. There is also one dubbed “Olympic safari” that is a white cotton jacket with navy chalk-striped pants, the Times reported.