Utah shooting leaves 4 dead, 1 injured; suspect in custody, police say

Utah shooting leaves 4 dead, 1 injured; suspect in custody, police say
Police investigate after four people were killed and fifth person was injured in a shooting at a Grantsville, Utah, home Friday, Jan. 17, 2020. The suspected shooter was taken into custody by Grantsville police, the Deseret News reported. Grantsville Mayor Brent Marshall said the victims and the shooter are all related, the newspaper reported. (Steve Griffin/The Deseret News via AP)

GRANTSVILLE, Utah — A Friday night shooting in Utah left four people dead, one injured and another unharmed and in police custody, multiple news outlets reported.

Update 3:08 a.m. EST Jan. 18: Authorities confirmed early Saturday that three of the deceased are juveniles and one is an adult female. Two of the deceased juveniles are female and one is male, KUTV reported.

Grantsville Police Cpl. Rhonda Fields said an adult male was transported to an area hospital for treatment by an unidentified, uninjured third party who alerted authorities to the incident by calling 911, the station reported.

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Fields said the shooter, whose age and gender are not yet being released to the public, was in the vehicle transporting the fifth victim but was not the driver who placed the call. The shooter was taken into custody at the hospital without incident, KUTV reported.

Update 1:50 a.m. EST Jan. 18: According to KSL, all six people involved in the incident are members of the same family, and police said initially the shooter is a teenager.

Grantsville Mayor Brent Marshall who was on the scene of the shooting late Friday confirmed the familial link in the case.

“It’s an unfortunate tragedy that has taken place here this evening,” said Marshall. “And I’m sure it will take days or even longer to try and piece together what brought all of this one and why it happened, if we ever get to know why it happened. It’s upsetting. This is normally a very quiet neighborhood, and any time you have children involved in something, it becomes very emotional, very fast,” Marshall told KSL.

Grantsville Police Cpl. Rhonda Fields confirmed to reporters on the scene that “officers were dispatched to a residence tonight in regards to a suspected homicide.”

Meanwhile, Utah Gov. Gary Herbert offered his condolences and support for all involved late Friday night.

Original report:

The shooting occurred around 7 p.m. in Grantsville, KUTV reported.

Grantsville Mayor Brent Marshall told KSL a family and children were involved in the incident but declined to elaborate on the “unfortunate tragedy.”

According to KUTV, the threat to the public was neutralized by 9:10 p.m., and authorities are working to notify family members of the victims.

The ages, genders and names of those involved in the shooting have not yet been released, and police have not yet provided any information regarding a relationship between the shooter and the victims, KSL reported.