• Woman survives sledgehammer flying through windshield


    ATLANTA - A driver said a sledgehammer flew through her window as she was traveling down a busy metro Atlanta interstate.

    She spoke exclusively to Channel 2’s Steve Gehlbach about the close call.

    Satara Campbell said there is a large hole in her Honda’s windshield, after a 2 1/2 pound sledgehammer crashed through it at around 60 mph.

    "I could have been gone. I could have died," she said.

    Campbell said she was driving north on the downtown connector between 10th and 14th streets. She was on her way to work at about 6:30 a.m. on July 10 when she said a large dump truck passed her.

    "It came through right here; tore a piece of my air condition thing then landed right between the seatbelt buckle and the chair,” Campbell said.

    Campbell said she panicked but was able to keep driving, even speeding up to get a better look at the truck.

    "I couldn't see a tag, I couldn't see name of company, or anything," Campbell said.

    When Campbell could not catch up to the truck, she pulled off the connector at the 17th street ramp and called police.

    "I called 911, and then called a family member," Campbell said.

    Campbell said she is traumatized but uninjured.

    "I’m blessed to be here because it was just a few inches away from me," Campbell said.

    The hammer that ended up next to her leg has only one clue: the name "Jeff H." written on it.

    "Maybe his co-worker or someone may know who he is," Campbell said.

    Campbell paid to have her windshield replaced.

    Now she wants to know who Jeff H is and where the sledgehammer came from.

    "I would like to be reimbursed and also I would just like for people driving company vehicles to be very cautious with equipment, to lock it down because they could mess up someone's life," she said.

    She also said she wants to give him back his hammer.

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