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Local Steals and Deals: Home essentials with CleanLight Air, Woolzies and inPowered Lights

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27 September, 2022

Local Steals & Deals: Home essentials with CleanLight Air, Woolzies and inPowered Lights

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Happy at home with CleanLight Air, Woolzies and inPowered Lights.

Cooler weather means more time spent indoors to start your fall cleaning and get ready to settle in. A beautiful home creates peace of mind for you and everyone around you. Products like CleanLight Air and Woolzies can help freshen the air and make laundry time more efficient. And an inPowered Lights Lamp Angel will help you feel safe during an unexpected power outage. These products will help you reduce stress and make your life easier.

Cleanlight Air

Deal: $89.99

Retail: $239.98

(While supplies last)


Clean air is more important than ever! Cleanlight Air is your solution to breathing easier and staying healthy. It purifies the air around you using UV-C rays to kill 99.99% of germs and bacteria. It has a HEPA filter that removes particles, including smoke, odors, dust, pet dander, and pollution. It's also portable, so you can take it with you anywhere. Grab one today for a healthier home and to keep you safe when you're on the go. Buy 1, Get 1 FREE

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Deal: $22.49-$25.49

Retail: $29.99-$33.99

(While supplies last)


We love finding things to help reduce household chores and save energy! Using dryer balls can speed up the drying process and leave you with great-smelling clothes. Made with 100% New Zealand wool, these fan-favorite dryer balls are good for you and the environment. Goodbye, synthetic one-use dryer sheets, and hello, deliciously soft laundry. Grab a 3 or 6-pack for 25% off!

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inPowered Lights

Deal: $52.99

Retail: $79.99

(While supplies last)


There's nothing worse than fumbling for your phone and hoping it's charged in a power outage. When the power goes out, it's crucial to have a light source. inPowered Lamp Angels are the perfect addition to every room in your house. The lamp detects when there is no more electricity, and the LED base automatically turns on. It also charges mobile devices without electricity with a built-in USB port. With Autolight Emergency Technology, you'll never have to worry about another unexpected outage. We've got a deal at 34% off.

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