Jaguars practice at Bartram Trail High School

ST. JOHNS, Fla. — The Jacksonville Jaguars once again seized an opportunity to "connect with the following."  

Monday night, the Jags took the show on the road to Bartram Trail High School to give fans in St. Johns County a shorter drive to practice.  The community responded with over 3,300 supporters showing up at Bears Stadium. 

This isn't Bartram Trail's first encounter with the NFL. The BTHS Bears played host to the New England Patriots in 2005 for Super Bowl XXXIX practice.  Bartram Trail Head coach Darrell Sutherland and his staff had the field in great condition for this one-time event and the high school season that is right around the corner. 

The practice also marks the fourth straight day the Jaguars have taken the field with a rest day scheduled for Tuesday.  When the Jags return to practice on Wednesday, they'll don full pads for the first time this training camp.

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