Buresh Blog: Average first freeze for NE Fl./SE Ga..... & a fogbow!

Unusual early season cold.

Buresh Blog: Average first freeze for NE Fl./SE Ga..... & a fogbow!

Nov. 12, 2019 — We can continue to count down to the end of the hurricane season - Nov. 30th.  For daily updates on the tropics, go to "Talking the Tropics With Mike".

While we're still technically in the tropical season, winter is starting to show its true colors across the Lower 48.  First.... a swath of snow covered the ground from the Plains to New England.  As an arctic high pressure moved east/southeast, the snow "field" helped to keep cold air "refrigerated" as the cold front plowed south & east.  The result was some of the coldest temps. for Jacksonville & surrounding areas since March into early April with a "slew" of record lows from Texas to Michigan.

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Some parts of inland Ga. had their first freeze of the season - anywhere from 1-2 weeks earlier than average.  The avg. first date for 32 degrees or lower:

Check out the beautiful photos sent to me from Sean Riley, St. Augustine early Tue. (Nov. 12).  A fog bow forms when the sunlight is reflected/refracted off the water vapor/droplets that make up fog.  Due to the very tiny size of the water droplets that make up fog, the "bow" appears white or even bluish in color (vs. the color spectrum of a typical rainbow caused by the sun reflecting off & through much larger raindrops).  More on fogbows * here *.