Buresh Blog: Avg. first freeze of the season... Dec. averages... End of the 2020 hurricane season

Jacksonville, FL — Winter seems to have arrived in NE Fl./SE Ga.! After a long stretch of warm weather recently..... & few freezes the last couple of winters, all inland areas had a freeze early Wed., Dec. 2nd with at least a frost - if not a freeze - all the way to some of the beaches. The temp. at JIA hit 28 degrees - the first time below 30 degrees in a record 1,047 days - an indication of just how mild the last couple of winters have been. The old record was 1,044 straight days 30+ degrees from Jan. 16, 1948 to Nov. 25, 1950. And it was only 4 days ahead of the avg. first freeze of the season at JIA. The avg. last freeze for most of NE Fl. is mid to late Feb... earlier at/near the coast... a little later - into March - for inland SE Ga. We really do need some cold weather to help with bugs & pollen & for the overall health of our eco system. JIA averages 15 freezes per winter... far less, of course, at & near the beaches. So ... the numbers:

And so we turn the calendars to December. The averages at JIA:

The historic 2020 hurricane season came to an end Nov. 30th. Records galore - a full recap * here * - “Talking the Tropics With Mike” (resumes June 1st).... & video recap * here *.