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Buresh Blog: Sunset after 8pm... Hurricane Preparedness Week... PurpleStride

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Sunset for Jacksonville has hit 8pm & will remain after 8pm through Sept. 22nd. The latest sunset is 8:33pm the last couple weeks of June.

The week from April 30th through May 6th is National Hurricane Preparedness Week. The First Alert Hurricane Center has info. * here *. “Talking the Tropics With Mike” will begin daily updates June 1st (or earlier if there is an early season Atlantic system). Topics during preparedness week:

* Know Your Risk: Water & Wind

* Prepare Before Hurricane Season

* Understand Forecast Information

* Get Moving When a Storm Threatens

* Stay Protected During Storms

* Use Caution After Storms

* Take Action Today

The Atlantic names are listed below. Remember the names rotate every 6 years but some names are retired. The ‘23 list is rather infamous from years past - 2005: Katrina, Rita, Wilma... 2017: Harvey, Irma, Maria (all retired).

Sat., April 29th is PurpleStride in Jacksonville. I’d love it if you joined us to fight pancreatic cancer - it’s a relatively easy walk/run. My mom passed from pancreatic cancer 15 years ago. I chronicled her battle * here * - “A Very Personal Journey: My mom’s fight against terminal cancer”.

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