Buresh Blog: Tropics... 95 degree days... Mandarin Deluge... Aug. averages

Jacksonville, FL — We’re headed for the peak of the hurricane season over the next 4-8 weeks. Get daily updates: “Talking the Tropics With Mike”. August typical tracks:

We’re also in the “dog days” of summer. Going back to 1970, Jacksonville is now averaging about 5 more days (near 20 days) a year above 95 degrees. So far this year, “only” 3 such days after 37 days that were 96 degrees or hotter last year! We have had 56 90-degree days this year through July 29th.... the annual avg. is 82 days, so we’re a little ahead of avg. at this point. Aug. 30th is the last day of the year when the average high temp. is 90+ degrees.

We are also in the midst of our “wet season”. We see (or hear) thunder just about every day somewhere in NE Fl./SE Ga. from June through Sept. At times, we can get tremendous downpours. One such deluge occurred in Mandarin Tue., July 28th. At least one rain gauge measured 7.3″ of rain in less than 2 hours! The avg. July rainfall is about 6.6″. There were multiple gauges that measured 3-6″ in far Southern Duval/Northern St. Johns Co. The result was considerable short term flooding. Pics below are from the Rams Gate Subdivision:

Averages for the month - Aug. - ahead at JIA:

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