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Buresh Blog: Wet Season... Summer Outlook... Safe Boating Week... Trees!... Pickleball Craze!

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Our wet season is underway! The start date this year was May 21 (I define the start date as 3 straight days with at least 50% rainfall coverage driven by sea breezes and outflow boundaries [mesoscale {small}] forces. Just from May 17-24 more than 5″ of rain has fallen in some areas.

NOAA has issued their outlooks for the summer months - June/July/August. The outlook calls far a large portion of the U.S. to have above avg. temps. for the 3 months combined. Rainfall is forecast to be above avg. across much of the Central & Eastern U.S. Of course, Jax/NE Fl. & SE Ga. are typically warm, humid & wet during the summer.

As we head into summer, it’s National Safe Boating Week.

* Wear it (Life Jackets)

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Action News Jax Meghan Moriarty with a safe boating report:

Planting trees is awesome for the environment. Be sure to plant trees that are native to the local area, so they can thrive - click * here * for planting info. courtesy UF.

Pickleball anyone? The sport is growing by leaps & bounds. In fact, there simply are not enough courts to satisfy the appetite for pickleball. Action News Jax Marithza Ross & I combined to tell the story about a sport that is taking the area by storm :).

Stats from “Picklehead”:

... & our bloopers! :) ......