Stay inside, away from windows and doors

When a hurricane hits, do everything you can to protect yourself:

  • Stay inside, away from windows and doors.
  • Close all interior doors — secure and brace external ones.
  • Don't use the telephone or electrical appliances.
  • Make sure all electrical and gas appliances are turned off.
  • Do not open the refrigerator door except when necessary.If the storm becomes intense, retreat to an interior "safe room".
  • If you fear your house will come down, place a mattress over you in your safe room. If in the bathroom, get in the bathtub with a mattress covering you.
  • In a high-rise building or condo, avoid upper floors, where the wind is strongest, and the ground floor, where flooding is possible.
  • Monitor local radio and television stations.
  • Don't leave your home or shelter until emergency officials say it's safe. You may be in the eye, with more of the storm to come.