Restaurant Report: Gypsy Cab Company temporarily closed for third time in seven months

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Gypsy Cab Company is one of the best known restaurants in St. Augustine, but it’s also well known to inspectors after being temporarily closed for the third time in seven months.

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A state inspection found one live roach, 28 fresh rodent droppings and that it was operating with an expired license.

Hot Wok on Argyle Forest Boulevard near Merchants Way was cited for 15 live roaches, 20 dead roaches and an employee eating watermelon in kitchen during the inspection. It was temporarily closed.

State inspectors say that EJ’s Pizza on Merrill Road near Interstate 295 had sewage backing up through floor drains, a food contact surface soiled with food debris and no proof of state-approved employee training. It was temporarily closed.

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Cimarrone Golf Club on Cimarrone Boulevard near State Road 210 was cited for 63 rodent droppings, a time/temperature safety violation and an exterior door with a gap.

All the restaurants passed follow-up inspections.