• 6-foot-9 inch Florida man punched his handicapped girlfriend and wanted cops to arrest him


    A man was arrested after he punched his armless and legless girlfriend and took her to Vero Beach Walmart so she could report it to a shopper, the Miami Herald originally reported.

    The Miami Herald said Patrick Moan, who is reported as being 6 foot 9 inches tall,  punched his girlfriend in the right ear Sunday. Later that afternoon, Moan took his girlfriend to the Walmart, hoping his girlfriend would tell someone that he hit her.

    The Herald reported Moan told a shopper himself that he did it and hoped the person would "call the cops so he could go to jail."

    The Miami Herald attributed the Indian River County Sheriff's Office who said Moan was tired of taking care of her and pushing her around in her wheelchair.

    He also said that if he punched her and confessed to it, he would no longer have to take care of her, the Miami Herald attributed to the arrest report.  

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