Airports brace for busy travel days ahead of holidays

Jacksonville, FL — Santa isn’t the only one hitting the skies soon for a Christmas trip around the world!

TSA agents are getting ready to screen thousands of flyers here locally, and upwards of 30 million across the country between this week and January 3.

Millions of travelers are flying to their holiday destination, including at Jacksonville International Airport.

TSA expects Wednesday and Thursday will be the busiest dates to travel before the holidays.

President Joe Biden says vaccinated travelers don’t have to cancel their plans.

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“Since I’m vaccinated, it kind of gives you peace of mind,” traveler Nick Muruako said.

For further peace of mind, experts recommend rapid tests before a family gathering.

“They could add another layer of protection, or security if they all got a rapid test that morning,” said Dr. William Schaffner, professor of infectious diseases at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

The biggest takeaway from travelers and experts alike: give yourself some time.

“Thank God we got here, just an hour or so early,” traveler Chris Ferguson said.

The thought of reuniting with loved ones also helped travelers ease some of that holiday anxiety.

“If ultimately you’re trying to go and see family, you make time to do that no matter the circumstances,” said Ferguson.

You can find more TSA travel tips for the holidays here:

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