DCPS high schoolers go back to school five days a week

Duval County, FL. — Duval County high school students are the last group to phase out of the hybrid model.

Now those students will be learning in-person five days a week.

High school students learning on the hybrid model were learning in person twice a week and online three days a week.

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A teacher at Sandalwood High School told Action News Jax they had about 1,000 students on campus any given day, but now that the hybrid model is over, there’s about 2,000 students.

“I really worry now with everyone in our schools, with the exception of those HomeRoom students,” Russell-Hinds said.

“It’s impossible in our school and probably others to socially distance the way the CDC recommended.”

DCPS said they never guaranteed social distancing, which is why they require face masks and shields in the classroom.

Sixth graders were the first to move back to full time in-person learning, followed by seventh and eighth grade last week.

Duval County Public Schools said Wednesdays originally had no one on high school campuses, which allowed for deep cleaning.

DCPS said it is now splitting cleaning over multiple days and will happen after school.

Surface areas will be cleaned after school every Tuesday.

Gyms and field houses will be cleaned after school Wednesday.

Common areas will be sanitized on Thursday along with common areas and the cafeteria.

Classroom floors will be sanitized every day after school.