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Where Does Clark Think This Married Couple Should Travel for Adventure?

No matter how much you love to travel, sometimes life gets in the way. Whether it’s work, young kids or money, sometimes it’s impossible to travel like you’d prefer.

If you haven’t been bopping around the country, you may not know where to start when you do get the chance.

Where does Clark recommend that you go? And what other tips does he have for someone who hasn’t traveled often?

Clark’s Travel Recommendation for a Married Couple Looking for Adventure

We haven’t traveled much recently. Where should we go as a couple?

That’s what a Clark listener recently asked.

Asked Jake in Wisconsin: "My wife and I are teachers in Wisconsin and are coming up on our 10-year anniversary this summer. We haven't done much traveling because we have young kids at home.

"We'd like to get the best deal possible. When do you suggest we book our trip to get the best price? Do you have any suggestions on travel destinations that have a mix of being able to relax and some adventure?"

Clark didn’t hesitate to recommend Utah. Specifically, St. George, Utah. Clark’s favorite national park is Capitol Reef National Park, which is nearby.

“You will have incredible scenery, unbelievable sight-seeing, fantastic national parks. Great hiking,” Clark says. “And it will be one of the most relaxing, scenic, beautiful adventures you could ever do in your life.”

Costco: The Real Reason Why Clark Loves St. George?

Clark’s wife Lane happened to join the podcast when Jake asked this question. Clark said he’d love to go back to St. George, Utah. To which Lane jokingly replied that the reason they haven’t gone back is “because [on] the long trips you just talk the whole time.”

Lane also said the real reason Clark wants to go back is because he loved the Costco there.

“Well the Costco there was really interesting. But the beauty of the red rocks in St. George and the blue sky that is illegally blue,” Clark says.

“It’s like a painter who is a nature painter or scenery painter painted something that actually doesn’t exist in the world. And then you get to St. George and you realize it does exist at least there. I just love that town.”

Skip Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park due to the crowds in the summer. Instead, go to Kodachrome State Park, Clark recommends. You’ll find similar scenery without the intense crowds.

Where and When To Book Summer Travel To Utah

Clark recommends that Jake and his wife fly into Las Vegas instead of Salt Lake City, Utah. That’s due to the cheaper fares and secondarily the proximity to St. George, Utah.

Look for summer fares in March or April. That’s when Clark anticipates sales and the best prices for summer flights.

“You wanna set up a tracker out of Milwaukee using Google Flights or Hopper,” Clark says. “They’ll alert you when there’s a deal on a fare.

“I don’t know if you’re near Milwaukee or where in Wisconsin. Fares obviously are cheapest out of Chicago. Not as cheap but also good out of Milwaukee. And very expensive out of the smaller airports in Wisconsin.”

Final Thoughts

If you want adventure and scenery with a sprinkle of nightlife, Clark has the vacation recommendation for you.

Fly into Las Vegas. Then perhaps after a day or two, drive to St. George, Utah. There you’ll find Clark’s favorite spot for sightseeing, hiking and scenery. Oh, and don’t forget to stop at the Costco.

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