Correction to report on woman who claimed dentist gave her foot massage and infection

A story posted on April 5 reported on a St. Johns County, Florida woman who said she had been given a foot massage and offered wine while getting treatment at a dental office called Smiles at Julington Creek.  The woman also said she developed an infection in her mouth as a result of the treatment.

There are several corrections to this story.

The woman’s allegations regarding the foot massage, the wine and the infection concerned a staff member at the dental office, not the dentist.  Our story incorrectly referred to the dentist, but he was not involved.

The dental office says it does not provide wine to its patients.  They also say the patient requested the foot massage after it was mentioned by a staff member as a joke.  They say the staff member washed his hands before doing dental work on the patient.

Additionally, the infection referenced in our story was a dental problem the patient suffered from prior to her visit.  The infection was not caused by the dental office.

We apologize for these errors.