Evidence released in murder case involving father, Michael Jones, accused of murdering wife, 4 kids

MARION COUNTY, Fla. — The State Attorney’s Office for Marion County released evidence in the case involving the deaths of Casei Jones and her four children.

The suspect, Michael Jones, is accused of beating Casei Jones to death and then killing her children.

Timeline of murders: Suspect Michael Jones accused of killing wife and 4 children

The new evidence released on Thursday shows police interviews with Michael Jones after he was arrested in Georgia.

The evidence also shows body camera video of deputies walking through the Jones’ home in Summerfield, Florida, plus pictures from the scene where the bodies were found.

The evidence details some of the events leading up to suspect Michael Jones’ confession to the murders of his wife, Casei Jones, and her four children, Cameron Bowers, 10, Preston Bowers, 5, Mercalli Jones, 2 and Aiyana Jones, 1.

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In the interrogation videos, Michael Jones can be heard telling detectives about his relationship with Casei Jones. Micheal Jones can be heard in the interrogation video telling detectives, “It just got worse. Like little things all the time with her. She would come at me and we’d argue. It never really got physical.”

Michael Jones goes on to tell detectives that Casei Jones kept accusing him of cheating and the two got into an altercation. He said they began yelling at each other when Casei Jones began to push him with a baseball bat.

In a previous document released in October, it says that Michael Jones said he took the bat from her and hit her repeatedly in the head until she was dead. He said he then put her body into a plastic tote and stored it in the closet. According to his interview with detectives, he then cleaned up all the blood as best he could. He said that all four children were asleep in the house at the time.

In the evidence released Thursday, there are pictures of the wrapped tote authorities say Casei’s body was found inside. The tote was inside the mini van when Michael Jones crashed the van in Georgia, according to authorities. We are not showing all of the photos released by the State Attorney’s Office because many of them are too graphic to show.

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In the documents released in October, Jones admitted to police that he dumped the children’s bodies in the woods off a road in Camden County, Georgia. In the evidence released Thursday, there are pictures of the wrapped totes and suitcases with the children’s bodies inside. Again, we are not showing all of the photos released by the State Attorney’s Office because many of them are too graphic to show.

The evidence release Thursday has many interviews of Michael Jones with detectives, both in Georgia and in Florida. In the interviews, Jones explains that he was staying with his ex-wife in Jacksonville. He tells detectives that his ex-wife did not know about the murders or that Casei Jones and the children were dead.

In one of the interviews a detective asks Michael Jones what his plan was after he left his ex-wife’s house and drove into Georgia. Michael Jones replied to the detective, “Umm, the only thing I really had planned was get out of Florida for now, or cross the border here, sit at a rest stop and try to think... I’d like to say I sit here and kill myself, but that’s not it.”

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According to previous documents released, Michael Jones had the five bodies in the van for weeks before fleeing to Georgia where, according to police, he dumped the bodies. His van was parked at his ex-wife’s apartment in Jacksonville for a while before he left for Georgia.

Michael Jones is in the Marion County jail and is due back in court in January.

April Wilson

April Wilson

April Wilson is a digital content producer for Action News Jax.