New online portal breaks down key infomations at Florida schools

FLORIDA — The Florida Department of Education launched a new online portal called KnowYourSchools, Tuesday morning.

The portal will allow families to access information on school and district-level educational outcomes.

“Florida’s KnowYourSchools portal has now surpassed all other states' school report card websites in the nation by bringing educational data to Floridians in a way that is both informative to families and empowering for educators and school leaders. I am confident parents will find it especially valuable when looking for student academic growth and progress at their child’s school,” said Commissioner of Education Richard Corcoran. “Through our KnowYourSchools information portal, we are providing a central location that will help communities  gain the insights necessary to help our students improve, achieve their unique goals and become lifelong learners.”

KnowYourSchools will let parents search for schools by zip code, name, or city. Once on the website, you can see specific reports on each school like, reports of enrollment, race, gender, testing, and much more.

To access the website, click HERE.