Action News Jax Investigates: Nationwide shortage in chemo drug treatment

A nationwide chemotherapy drug shortage is affecting a local children's hospital.

Wolfson Children's Hospital said it is exploring every avenue to locate a supply of the medication.

Debbie Scrome knows what a blessing it is to have two healthy young boys. She also knows many families aren't so lucky.

“As a parent, you want your kids to be healthy, and you do everything you can to get them the medical care they need,” Scrome said.

Many families with cancer patients suffering from Leukemia or Lymphoma rely on the chemotherapy drug Vincristine for treatment.

Baptist Health and Wolfson Children's Hospital tell Action News Jax, "due to manufacturing issues, there is a nationwide shortage" of the drug.

They added in the meantime, they were looking for other "recommendations for treatment."

Action News Jax took that information right to the drug's manufacturer, Pfizer, which called it a "short-term supply issue."

They couldn't elaborate on the exact cause, but said they "sincerely regret the interruption," and assured us "shipments around the country are in progress."

“As a parent, your number one thing would be to find that resource,” Scrome said. “I don’t think I would focus on how horrible I felt, I think I would just get into the mode to find where I can go to get them treatment."

Baptist and Wolfson's sent a follow-up statement Friday afternoon: “We are anticipating a shipment of this medication from Pfizer [Saturday.]  Parents of children who have been prescribed this medication are advised to talk to their child’s physician concerning their scheduled treatment.”

Action Jews Jax also confirmed Vincristine has been in short supply at the Mayo Clinic for some time, but they say they've managed the shortage effectively.