Send Ben: Fixing broken promises

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Action News Jax Investigates a local repairman who is trying to fix what customers say are a lot of broken promises.

“You have a range of issues?” Action News Jax Ben Becker asked Devin Johnson.

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“Yes we do,” said Johnson, who feels like his hot buttons are being pushed as his oven sits cold. “The most frustrating part is to feel like you got bamboozled.”

Johnson hired a company called Best Appliance Tech, owned by a man named Ron Boyd, to fix his oven in October, ahead of his family’s Thanksgiving feast.

Johnson Venmoed Boyd $350 as a deposit October 20, but said all he got were excuses.

“I rather him ghost me, but he keeps teasing us along with these promises,” Johnson said.

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The two then communicated via text.

On October 25, Johnson asked “just wondering what time you were planning on starting today.”

Boyd responded “to be honest it’ll probably be a couple of days,” saying his mother was in the hospital.

In a November 5 text, Boyd said he was waiting on the “broiler element,” but it never showed up.

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Boyd eventually cancelled Johnson’s order in December, but there was no refund as 2021 turned into 2022.

Becker called Boyd to get some answers and spoke on the phone.

“I don’t want no problems. I believe in bad karma I definitely don’t want no bad mojo,” Boyd told Becker.

Becker did some digging and discovered Best Appliance Tech has more than a dozen negative reviews on Google for allegedly taking money and not doing the work promised.

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Customers say the business is “horrible” and that Boyd gives “excuses” and it’s the “worst repair service I’ve ever used.” In addition, Boyd’s business license for Best Appliance Tech was not renewed when it expired in September 2021, five months ago.

Boyd said to Becker that his mother’s situation and COVID-19 impacted him -- and hit his livelihood hard.

“I still want to make it right with whoever I owe,” Boyd said. “I have no problem and I want no problems, you know what I mean Mr. Becker? Honestly, I watch you guys news station every morning, everything else. I’ll load a pre-paid card and have it sent today by the end of the day,” added Boyd.

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“Alright you promise?” asked Becker.

“Yes, I promise you Mr. Becker,” responded Boyd.

Shortly afterwards, Becker received a text message from Johnson that showed a refund, minus the repair service fee, of $265.

“Literally just got off the phone with my wife. Haha yes! Payment received! You are the man!” Johnson texted Becker. “Less than 24 hours, pretty impressive work sir! Been hounding this guy for over 4 months lol.”

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