10 things to know: What happened to 5-year-old Taylor Williams?

The mother of 5-year-old Taylor Williams is facing charges seven days after she reported her daughter missing from their Jacksonville home.

Her newly-released warrant reveals what led to charges. Click here to read.

Here are 10 things to know about the investigation into Taylor Williams' disappearance.

1. Brianna Williams, 27, claimed her daughter disappeared from their Jacksonville home.

An Amber Alert was issued Nov. 6 after Brianna Williams claimed her daughter disappeared from their home on Ivy Street. She said she last saw the 5-year-old girl in her pajamas at midnight.

She told police she woke up hours later and Taylor was gone. She claimed she found the back door unlocked.

2. Brianna Williams moved days before the Amber Alert.

Tiffani Nicole said she saw a Craigslist post from Brianna Williams asking for help moving from an apartment on the Southside to the home on Ivy Street.

"(Brianna) was like, ‘This isn't something I really wanted to do. I just have to do it,'" Nicole said. "She says she normally pays hourly but being this is such a special case, that she would pay more."

She said during the 45 minutes she was there loading things up, she never saw a child.

"I never once saw a child. I never heard a child. But at some point she told my fiancé that there was a daughter in a bathroom and he heard water running. But again the whole 45 minutes we were there we never saw a child."

3. Brianna Williams stopped cooperating early in the missing person investigation.

Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams said Brianna Williams was cooperating with investigators when she reported Taylor missing, but once they started questioning inconsistencies in her story, she stopped cooperating.

4. Investigators were looking at another Craigslist post during the search for Taylor.

Detectives were looking into a Craigslist ad that may have been posted by Brianna Williams the day before reporting Taylor missing.

The ad said "childcare needed tomorrow" because the poster was "bailed on."

Brianna Williams' name was not anywhere on it, but the poster mentioned having a 5-year-old daughter, working at NAS Jacksonville, and living on the Northside. The ad has since been taken down.

5. Brianna Williams is in the Navy stationed at NAS Jacksonville.

Brianna Williams enlisted in the Navy in November 2012. She began her military career in Great Lakes, Illinois and was stationed in Pensacola and Norfolk before moving to Jacksonville.

She came to NAS Jax in 2018. She was promoted in April to an information systems technician 1st Class E-6. Williams was not scheduled to deploy, according to the Navy.


6. The search led investigators to a small town in Alabama.

JSO announced Sunday on Twitter that search teams were heading to Alabama. Their destination was Demopolis, a small town with a population of less than 8,000.

It is approximately 16 miles north of Linden, where Brianna Williams grew up.

7. Searchers found a body between Demopolis and Linden.

Investigators said Tuesday that human remains believed to be that of Taylor Williams were found in a rural, wooded area.

Sources told Action News Jax they were wrapped in trash bags. JSO is waiting for an official identification of the remains.

8. Brianna Williams was taken to the hospital for an apparent overdose.

As of 11:30 a.m. Wednesday, Brianna Williams was being treated at a Jacksonville hospital for an apparent overdose.

Sheriff Williams said she was taken to the hospital in serious condition Tuesday, the same day the announcement about the remains came out.

JSO said they had not yet informed her of the charges before she was taken to the hospital.

JSO said Wednesday they couldn't give an update on her condition but when she is moved, her housing status will be updated on her booking sheet.

9. She is charged with child neglect in connection with her daughter's disappearance.

The JSO inmate log shows Brianna Williams is charged with two counts of child neglect and lying to police. She is being held on a $1.1 million bond.

She was supposed to make a 1 p.m. first appearance on Wednesday but jail administrators say that isn't happening.

10. A neighbor said he saw Taylor home alone 'at least every other day'

Brianna Williams' warrant reveals a neighbor who lived near Taylor and Brianna Williams told detectives he saw Taylor alone and wandering the apartment complex multiple times.

He said she was left home alone "at least every other day," and that the last time he saw Taylor was in May 2019.

Detectives said Brianna Williams also lied about taking Taylor to her grandparents' in Alabama. Click here to read the warrant.

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