$2 million safety improvement project could be coming to San Marco


The city of Jacksonville and the Florida Department of Transportation is in talks of improving the intersection of San Marco Boulevard and Hendricks Avenue to make it safer.

Rue Saint-Marc overlooks the intersection in the center of Jacksonville’s historic San Marco.

Scott Alters the owner and chef told me he has been in business for four years and part of the reason he opened his restaurant here is that Jacksonville’s historic San Marco area is bustling.

“We do have apartments going up and different condos so young people young professionals that are just starting a career can find a place to live here very walkable area and I think just a diverse area,” Scott Alters, the owner of Rue Saint-Marc said.

A new Publix and retail shops are going up in the east San Marco shopping center.

As the area gets busier new improvements to San Marco Blvd. and Hendricks Ave. would include a median separator and a traffic light.

“With a median separator in that area we do anticipate drivers to naturally slow down that’s based on studies by restricting some of the access it does improve safety there,” Hampton Ray with the Florida Department of Transportation said.

Another improvement would be to add green asphalt to the bike lanes so that cars can clearly see the bicyclist.

FDOT estimates this project could cost around 2 million dollars for all these safety improvements.

Alters however says it’s less about adding these improvements and more about the drivers on the road.

“If people can just be more respectful of the fact that this is a neighborhood,” he said.

FDOT said this proposal is still in the very early stages and before any sort of construction begins FDOT said it is looking into hosting meetings on this proposal for feedback from the community.

Those dates have not been scheduled yet.