AAA study on Florida and Georgia drivers in school zones reveals dangerous behaviors

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Back to school means back on the road with school buses and more morning traffic.


In a new study from AAA, 38% of people surveyed in Florida say they speed through school zones. This can range from rarely or even regularly speeding.

Another part of the study looked at how drivers react to school buses.

Twenty-three percent of people say they drive around a school bus while its red flashing lights are on. By law –- those lights mean drivers are supposed to come to a complete stop.

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The survey also asked people about using their phones in the car. Thirty-two percent of drivers in Florida say they use their phone while in an active school zone.

This survey also looked at drivers in Georgia. Those results and much more can be viewed by visiting the Q3 consumer pulse results in a back-to-school safety study.