Agents arrest dancers on prostitution, drug charges during raid at gentlemen's club in Jacksonville

Two dancers were arrested on narcotics and prostitution charges during a raid at Wacko's Gentleman's Club in Jacksonville on Thursday night.

Shayna Fischoff, 22, and Kesha Grant, 34, were arrested on Thursday after agents executed a search warrant as part of Operation: Wacking Wackos, according to the Alcoholic Beverages & Tobacco Bureau of Enforcement.

Fischoff was arrested for soliciting for prostitution and Grant was arrested for delivering or distributing cocaine and methamphetamine inside Wacko's, according to arrest reports.

Law enforcement began investigating Wacko's on Jan. 19 after reports that narcotics and prostitution were going on at the club.

According to agents, Grant sold undercover agents pills and cocaine on four occasions between March 7 and March 28.

Drugs were found in her purse when she was arrested.

Documents show five other people -- four dancers and a waitress -- were issued notices to appear for possession of marijuana and paraphernalia charges.

Wacko's management said on Facebook that the club was shut down by law enforcement because of a fire code violation.

State agents confirmed that the Jacksonville fire marshal found several safety code violations that resulted in the closure of the business.

An employee said on Friday that agents raided the club based on false rumors and found nothing.

The employee said a couple of dancers were arrested on outstanding warrants, but no arrests were related to the club.

The employee said the club is fixing the code violations and reopened Friday night.