Another local school district one step closer to medical marijuana on campus

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Nicole Hernandez's son isn't even 2 and she already has an opinion about medical marijuana in schools.

Tuesday, she told Action News Jax, "I would like specific guidelines."

She added, "I wouldn't want my son, who isn't prescribed medical marijuana, getting it in some way. I wouldn't want it to be easy for him."

School leaders in Duval County said that's the reason they're carefully crafting strict guidelines for allowing medical marijuana on campus for qualified students.


Florida law now requires district have written policies in place.

Elizabeth Trisotto, Duval's director of school health services, said, "We reviewed multiple policies throughout the state of Florida before deciding on adopting a policy similar to Broward County's."

Under the proposed policy:

  • Students must have a doctor's note and prescription
  • Medical marijuana can only be administered by parents or caregivers
  • Medical marijuana cannot be stored on campus

Trisotto said, "I have only been contacted by one parent regarding medical marijuana administration in the district."

A June, Action News Jax investigation revealed Clay County is the only school district in Northeast Florida that already has a policy in place.

At the time, we spoke to the mother of a Duval student who was pushing for a similar policy in this school district.

In June, Kyla Gayles explained, "She just wants to go to school and make a full day of school and be with her friends and get her education like everybody else."

Now the guidelines go to the school board for approval, then to the Florida  Department of Education no later than Dec. 31.

Hernandez said, "I think it's important. They're the ones who have the control over it."

The mom said she understands the need, but wants it closely monitored by school leaders.

According to the proposed policy, leaders can immediately suspend medical marijuana use if federal funding is threatened.

Action News Jax reached out to other local school districts about where leaders are in drafting their policies.

We'll post responses as they come in.

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