Arrest made in 2007 sexual assault

More than a decade after a Jacksonville woman was raped, DNA evidence helped police track down the suspect.

Kennith Robinson, 33, was arrested Nov. 8 for the 2007 sexual assault.

Police said he was 22 years old at the time of the rape and lived directly across the street from where it took place.

In June 2007, the victim was at a party when she fell asleep in a car and woke up to find an unknown man forcing himself on her, police said.

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The victim immediately reported the assault to police and was given a sexual assault exam.

The report said the kit was not submitted to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement until July 2018.

Police said the DNA results matched with Robinson, who was a known offender.

In June 2017, police said they showed the victim a single picture of the suspect from the time of the incident.

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According to the report, the victim told police “I can’t tell you 'yes' or 'no'. It was a long time ago. I can’t remember.”

Police said that, in Oct. 2018, they interviewed the victim’s friend who recalled  that his neighbor “Scooter,” who lived across the street, bragged about having sex with the victim in the days following the incident.

The arrest reflects the backlog in the analysis of rape kits.

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According to the recent sexual assault kit progress report, FDLE said it’s tested 7,042 previously submitted kits that were part of the backlog have now been processed.

FDLE hopes to process 8,600 kits by June 2019.