Basketball legend's family files lawsuit, alleging his cancer was misdiagnosed

The family of a local basketball legend is filing a lawsuit against the doctor who misdiagnosed him.

Last month, Rex Morgan passed away after a battle with cancer.

Rex Morgan made history at Jacksonville University as a basketball player. He was a starting guard on the basketball team alongside hall of famer Artis Gilmore.

Loved ones believe his legacy was unfairly cut short, which is why they're taking legal action. The past few years have been hard for Kathleen Morgan and now, she's making her voice heard.

"It's devastated my life," said Kathleen Morgan, Rex Morgan’s widow.

In 2010, doctors found a growth on Rex Morgan's tonsil. It was cancer. Rigorous treatment began and he was told he was disease-free.

In 2011, doctors found another lump – this time on his tongue. That tumor was tested at a lab down in Tampa. The pathologist said it was a fungal infection, not cancer – but that turned out to be wrong.

"The pathologist, a professional medical doctor, in missing this read will be like a pro basketball player missing a slam dunk. It's something that should simply never happen," said attorney Seth Pajcic.

According to the lawsuit filed Monday, Morgan’s widow is seeking justice against Dr. Guo-Zhao Yao and Quest Diagnostics.

Kathleen Morgan and Pajcic believe if there had been a proper diagnosis, Rex Morgan's slow growing tumor could have been treated and he would be alive.

"By missing this, that they cost him his life and now I won't have him again. Ever," Kathleen Morgan said.

Morgan is most well-known for his amazing skills on the court and his coaching days at Arlington Country Day School.

Kathleen Morgan said the goal of the lawsuit is simple.

"Pathologists everywhere: read their slides better and save more lives," Kathleen Morgan said.

Rex Morgan was aware of this legal action and before his death, sat down with his wife and decided to move forward with it.

At this time, they haven't gotten a statement or response from the pathologist being sued.