Brass knuckles, toy guns, even a grenade are just some of the items TSA has stopped at JIA

The Transportation Security Administration said it's stopped 2,800 pounds of prohibited items from getting through the security checkpoint at Jacksonville International Airport.

People have packed bizarre and even potentially dangerous items in their carry-on bags, including brass knuckles, toy guns and a grenade.

“This was a real grenade at one point; the explosives have been removed,” said Sari Koshetz TSA  spokeswoman.

Even though it didn’t have explosives, it could have caused an evacuation at the checkpoint and a lot of angry passengers who may have missed their flights.

“This person thought they were being clever because they have their knife inside of their gun. Not clever. We’re going to find it,” said Koshetz. 
Passengers like Andra Armster were shocked to see the display of prohibited items at JIA Wednesday.
“I don’t see why anybody would try to bring that in there,” said Armster.
And this is just part of it. 
Koshetz said agents are stopping an increasing number of guns.
“At this airport last year, TSA stopped 39 firearms. So far this year, we have stopped seven,” said Koshetz.
That number has steadily climbed since 2014, a problem Koshetz said they’re seeing across the country.
“I know it’s an inconvenience to get checked but I'd rather be inconvenienced than [be] dead. I rather they catch them,” said Armster.
TSA agents also showed us the items passengers in a hurry have left behind like a Hot Wheels set, purses, makeup and laptops.

TSA does hold the nonprohibited items at the airport for about 30 days, to allow passengers to recover them.