JSO arrests man suspected of home invasion and beating of 92-year-old

JSO said a home invasion suspect who is believed to have broken into a 92-year-old woman's home while she was sleeping has been arrested.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — WATCH LIVE: A look at the criminal history of the man arrested on FOX30 and CBS47

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office announced the arrest of Joseph Lee Jackson in connection with the home invasion of a 92-year-old woman.

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Police said a community tip led them to Jackson, who is now in jail on multiple charges including home invasion, robbery, burglary, criminal mischief and resisting arrest.

Official documents show Jackson has an extensive criminal history, with previous convictions including burglary, possession of a firearm by a felon and trafficking in stolen property.

He's also a sex offender, having been convicted to 15 years in prison in 2001 for sexual battery, according to Florida Department of Corrections records.

Jackson was most recently released from prison in Sept. 2017.

Original story:

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office said a man caught on surveillance camera has been terrorizing a 92-year-old grandmother for months.  JSO said he broke into her Arlington home while she slept, robbed her and hit her.

Police said that man is still out on the streets, and they need the public’s help finding him.


Action News Jax has learned he stalked that woman’s home at least three times since June.

In newly released video, the suspect picks up a package at a nearby home and lingers on the doorstep. He appeared to try to unlatch something and peer inside the house.

Family: Man shown in this video has been terrorizing a 92-year-old #Jacksonville grandmother for months! JSO said he broke into her home while she was sleeping. They say he hit her, threatened her and stole her things. Action News Jax is live tonight with how many times her son says he has come back. News 104.5 WOKV

Posted by Russell Colburn Action News Jax on Thursday, October 3, 2019

“Oh my God,” said neighbor Kim Jackson.  “That’s scary.”

Jackson lives right across the street from the victim and the two have grown close. But she said she hasn’t seen the man in their neighborhood.

“No, I didn’t know!” Jackson said.  “The police came over and asked me, ‘Did I hear anything?’  But that was all.”

The victim’s son, Terry Kelly, said this started in June.

“He’s only been in the house once,” Kelly said.  “He woke her up, asked her for money, she screamed, he slapped her, told her to shut up. And then, later on, he told her if she got up that he would come back and hurt her.”

Kelly said the suspect returned in August to disable security cameras and break into a shed.

Then in September, Kelly said the suspect took bulbs out of exterior lights.

Kelly said the new doorbell camera video is from a fourth sighting at another Arlington home nearby.

Jackson believes the suspect may be targeting the woman because of her age.

“There’s nothing lower than that,” Jackson said.

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