Brunswick DA dodging questions on her office's handling of Sasser case

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The Brunswick office of District Attorney Jackie Johnson is coming under the microscope for her role, or lack thereof, in the case of suspended police Lt. Cory Sasser.

The perception in the case is that Cory Sasser may have been given special treatment, but Action News Jax has not been able to ask Johnson if this was the case because she refuses to meet with Action News Jax.

Action News Jax showed you new documents released by Johnson’s office showing the results of an investigation by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. Those documents show she requested to see if anyone within law enforcement had helped Cory Sasser violate the conditions of his bond.

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The investigation led to the arrest of Cory Sasser's son, 21-year-old Bryce Sasser, on a charge of reckless conduct.

What the D.A. isn’t talking about is why Cory Sasser was not arrested after a mid-May suicide attempt where he kicked an officer in the groin.

Our sister publication, the Atlanta Journal Constitution, reported back in July that the officer who was attacked in the May incident was not allowed to testify at Cory Sasser’s bond hearing, even though he requested to.

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It’s unclear if his testimony would’ve led to a lengthier jail stay for Cory Sasser because the bond hearing judge wasn’t given the chance to hear his testimony.

Action News Jax asked to speak with Johnson Friday, but her office sent us an email that stated “Ms. Johnson will not be granting any interviews or making any additional comments.”

We’re also told that Johnson’s administrative schedule isn’t public because she “maintains her own schedule."

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