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‘It’s a lack of humanity’: Georgia defense attorney calls for reform in correctional system

WOODBINE, Ga. — A defense attorney is speaking out about what she has learned is happening inside Georgia prisons and jails.

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On Tuesday, two Camden County Sheriff’s deputies and a corrections officer were arrested and then released on bond for the beating of a man inside Camden County Jail. A video of that attack has gone viral.

Janis Mann is a defense attorney with Mann Law Group LLC. She’s not connected to the case but is pushing for major change in the corrections system.

“It’s just another day in a Georgia jail or prison,” Mann said. “I’m thankful that they at least caught this on video, and it’s being seen.”

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She said the misuse of a badge must come to an end.

“I wish it was a matter of training,” Mann said. “It’s a lack of humanity. It’s a lack of respect for human beings. This is a culture of abuse.”

Mann believes every corrections officer should be required to have a body camera in prison and jail. She said too often, cameras inside are covered up or crimes by employees are carried out where cameras aren’t visible.

“Why don’t they want to see what goes on in the system? Everyone should be accountable. They want to hold everyone who lives in the community accountable for every single thing they do,” Mann said.

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Three officers who were involved in the beating of an inmate at the Camden County Jail in Woodbine in September have been arrested and fired, according to a release from the Camden County Sheriff’s Office.

Mason Garrick, 23, of Bryceville, Florida; Braxton Massey, 21, of Woodbine, Georgia; and Ryan Biegel, 24, of Kingsland, Georgia; are charged with battery of an inmate and violating their oaths of office, CCSO said.

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“I credit Camden County for moving forward relatively quickly and actually pressing charges. That is rare. I am curious to know why they haven’t been charged with aggravated assault. It does fit the definition based on Georgia law and what I saw on that tape,” Mann said.