Clark Howard: 3 ways to save on your monthly budget

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Right now everyone is feeling the pinch of inflation. Action News Jax is helping you get answers on ways to cut costs.

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We asked our consumer expert Clark Howard for important advice on how you can save some money, right now.

He says there are 3 big things you can do right now when you look at your monthly budget that can save you money..

Howard says, first, get a baseline of your expenses.

That means looking at what you’re paying for your cellphones, internet streaming services, checking account and credit card statements plus anything that’s automatic draft.

“We don’t realize how much we can save some money, just with those,” Howard told Action News Jax anchor Chandler Morgan.

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The second thing Howard suggests – buckle down with how much time you spend behind the wheel.

“Where you’re buying your gas and how much driving they’re doing,” says Howard.

The third way to try and cut costs is by cutting down on the air conditioning in your house.

“It’s so hot here in the summer,” says Howard. “I want you to dial that thermostat back, particularly when you’re not at home.”

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Howard suggests installing an automatic thermostat like a nest and set it to about 82. Then when you know you are about to be home, about a half hour before you’re home, set it so it starts cooling off your house.

“If you do those 3 things and you’ll be able to fight back against inflation,” he said.