Clay County deputies warn parents to check children's Halloween candy

There’s a warning for all parents to check their children’s Halloween candy.

STORY: Woman finds needles in Halloween candy in Clay County

Clay County deputies said a woman told them she was trick or treating with her kids in the Pine Ridge neighborhood Wednesday night.

She told them when she got home, her kids found a needle in a Kit-Kat bar and a Reese's.

“I’m really disgusted that this happened,” said Candice Thomas, a parent in the neighborhood.

Detectives spent the day passing out flyers and talking to neighbors, trying to find out where the candy came from. Parents said they also want answers.

“And if they didn’t even live in this community, then it made it worse. Because now you’ve put the fear in my community and you don’t even live here,” said  Paul Casanova, a parent who lives in the neighborhood.

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Many parents said they believe the woman made up the story. Her husband said he’s frustrated they would think that.

“Everybody is trolling her as opposed to just trying to help, (claiming) that she’s attention seeking,” said Shaun Cavender.

True or not, parents said they aren’t taking any chances. “I’m just going to throw it away,” Thomas said.

Deputies said they haven’t received any other complaints.