5 arrested in brutal home invasion in Oakleaf

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Brandy Edward, 19, was arrested Tuesday for conspiracy to commit armed home invasion robbery.

CLAY COUNTY, Fla. — Five people connected to a brutal home invasion are behind bars in Clay County.

Action News Jax first told you about the home invasion at Eagle Landing two weeks ago.

The Clay County Sheriff’s Office told Action News Jax's Courtney Cole the victim was running some sort of cosmetology business out of the home.

The Sheriff’s Office says it believes the victim became an easy target for the suspects because he shared too much about his life—and business—on social media.


"Our victim in this case is very lucky to be alive at this point,” said Lt. Mike Layne, with the Clay County Sheriff’s Office.

According to this incident report, on the morning of Sunday, May 19, the victim was sleeping when a loud bang suddenly woke him up.

When the victim went to check it out, he was met by a person who was coming right at him.

"He had been kicked, punched, tied up with zip ties. He actually had a firearm placed in his mouth as a form of threat of violence,” Layne said.

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Three men demanded to know where he was keeping the money in his home.

First, the victim told deputies, he resisted. Then, he told the suspects the money was in the attic of the garage.

After the three men got the money, they "maced" him and left, according to the Sheriff's Office.

Before they left, they told the victim that he "should stop flaunting all his money on social media."

"A warning to the folks who put a lot of their business out on social media: Things like this can happen. You can become a victim of certain crimes,” said Sheriff Darryl Daniels.

Cole stopped by the home of the victim, but he did not want to talk.

Juwan Grier, 25, Bobby Dunbar, 20, Demar Priestly, 23, Skylar Albritton, 19, and Brandy Edwards, 19, have all been identified as suspects in this crime.

They’re all from Jacksonville.

The Clay County Sheriff's Office says the three men were directly involved.

The two women helped with planning and surveillance.

The homeowner said $140,000 was in the attic.

The Sheriff's Office says deputies have recovered most, if not all of the cash.

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