Affidavit: Man accused of hitting 13-year-old girl with flagpole, during a political demonstration in support of President Trump

ORANGE PARK, Fla. — A Clay County man is facing a felony child abuse charge, accused of hitting a 13-year-old girl in the face with a flagpole during a political demonstration.

It all happened Wednesday at the intersection of Loch Rane and Blanding in Orange Park.

Video appears to show Norbert Logsdon, 67, shoving a flagpole into a car and striking a 13-year-old girl in the face and chest.


Crystal Ledoux is the victim’s mother.

“I was scared out of my mind, we were in shock, and my daughter’s petrified now,” said Ledoux.

Following the incident, Ledoux says she gave deputies his license plate number, allowing them to identify Logsdon.

According to the arrest report, deputies traced the tag to Logsdon and made the arrest without incident at his home.

Logdson and others were demonstrating for President Trump near the intersection.

While making a U-turn in the Wells Fargo parking lot, Ledoux claims she saw Logsdon give passing drivers the middle finger. Ledoux says she made the U-turn after missing the entrance to Freddy’s, where she was trying to take her daughter for dinner

Ledoux tells us she and her daughter did the same to him and shouted, “Biden 2020,” while making their U-turn.

She says they then pulled into the turning lane at Loch Rane and Blanding, and Logsdon ran up with his flagpole.

According to the arrest report, Logsdon shoved his flagpole through the open right front passenger window of the vehicle and struck the victim in the right side of her face and chest.

“I did observe redness to the victim’s right face,” wrote the deputy in the report.

Ledoux tells us she tried to roll the window up to prevent the attack but could not do so in time.

“I was scared out of my mind, because my daughter was getting hit in the face, and I couldn’t tell where, but I knew she was getting hit with a pole,” said Ledoux. “So, I started rolling the window up, and I couldn’t go forward because there was a car in front of me.”

Action News Jax Reporter Ryan Nelson called Logsdon for his side of the story this afternoon, following his release from jail.

“Why’d you stick your flagpole in the car, sir?” asked Nelson.

“You can talk to my attorney,” said Logsdon. “Goodbye.”

“Who’s your attorney?” asked Nelson.

Logsdon then hung up the phone.

Nelson texted Logsdon asking for the name of his attorney.

Logsdon replied with the name of a fictional law firm.

Action News Jax checked Clay’s Clerk of Court database for possible attorney information, but the case hadn’t appeared as of the time of this story.

“Whatever party that you side with, there is again, it should be held accountable, and no one should actually react and assault somebody,” said Ledoux. “That’s wrong.”