County elections offices working to implement Amendment 4 giving felon voting rights back

On Jan. 8, 2019 more than one million Floridians with felony convictions officially get their right to vote back.
More than 60% of voters approved the amendment in November.
Now county supervisors across the state are meeting to find out how to actually implement the amendment.
Action News Jax Courtney Cole explains what questions still remain and what role the state and county play when it comes to enfranchisement of returning citizens.
About 50,000 convicted felons in Duval County, will officially be able to register to vote on Jan. 8, 2019.
“When they fill out their application, they will check the box that says I’ve either never committed a felony or I’ve had my rights restored,” said Jerry Holland, former Duval Countyssupervisor of elections.
Right now, the county election offices have questions about the steps they should take in order to successfully carry out the amendment.
Supervisors of elections are currently attending a statewide conference to get those questions answered.
The secretary of state told county supervisor of elections, the necessary rules, regulations and procedures, will be provided before the end of December.
Holland told Action News Jax the local supervisor of elections will only be responsible for accepting voter registration applications.
The state division of elections must then verify the felon's eligible status.
“Well no doubt, with 1.7 million potential voters, and how many we don’t know will actually go and register, that time process may present some errors,” said Holland.
That's why Holland suggests not waiting until the last minute to register to vote.
“The worst is to wait 29 days prior to the election and do it on the final day of registering," said Holland.
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