Deputies investigate 23 kilos of cocaine that washed ashore near Melbourne Beach

MELBOURNE BEACH, Fla. — Deputies are trying to figure out where 50 pounds of cocaine that washed ashore Friday on Melbourne Beach came from, the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office said.

A woman walking the beach who spotted the package alerted deputies Friday morning.

“Everything is washing ashore; I don’t know what it is,” said Bob Downs, who was also walking the beach.

Investigators said the nearly 23 kilograms, about 50 pounds, washed ashore just south of Melbourne Beach near where Hurricane Irma washed a sailboat ashore.

“You would think that South Florida would get the cocaine washing up—not middle, or central Florida. It’s a surprise,” said Richard Threlfall, who was visiting the beach.

Heather Pepe-Dillon, who lives nearby, said it could have come from just about anywhere.

“You could put together any story, but none of them are good,” she said.

The special investigations unit was called out to retrieve the package near the 3000 block of AIA.

Investigators said there aren’t any other reports of cocaine washing ashore they are investigating.