Duval County preparing for I-95 and I-10 construction project

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Duval County, get ready for even more construction on our highways.


Along with improving the Myrtle Avenue Bridge, the Florida Department of Transportation says this project will expand the width of the Interstate 95 northbound and southbound lanes.

FDOT is looking to improve the highway traffic flowing through the Lavilla community.

This I-95 and Interstate 10 interchange is a major road for semi-trucks coming in and out of the Railyard district.

“It’s no secret our area is growing. So we really need to build our infrastructure to main that pace we’re growing,” said FDOT spokesperson, Hampton Ray.

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According to Ray, over a million dollars will be allocated to a 2026 construction project.

The goal is additional lanes on I-95 southbound and northbound, as well as upgrades to the Myrtle Avenue Bridge.

“We’ll also be doing some operational improvements as part of that, so access from Beaver Street to both north- and southbound I-95 — that’ll be improved as part of this project. And also this is the Myrtle Avenue Bridge — here we are going to be rehabilitating,” Ray explained.

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But before moving forward with construction, FDOT wants to hear your thoughts on the project.

On Tuesday, people can begin submitting virtual comments. Or come in person to the project’s public meeting on Thursday.

“Construction projects can be frustrating — this is really the time where you get to weigh in before those construction projects begin,” said Ray.

If you would like your voice to be heard virtually or for more information about the public meeting, click here.

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