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Continued issues at Jacksonville baseball park despite several maintenance requests, neighbors say

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A Dinsmore baseball park in Jacksonville has had several issues over the past few months, and neighbors told Action News Jax that their maintenance requests are going unanswered.

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Rachael Gregory, president of nonprofit organization the Dinsmore Sports Association in Jacksonville, told Action News Jax’s Nick Gibson that right now, there are issues at their baseball complex. One of the biggest problems? The lights have been out on one of the fields for months.

“[We need] our lights fixed on our 8U field because we have smaller kids out there. They have a pitching machine coming toward them, so if they can’t see, they can’t play,” Gregory said.

There are functioning lights on other baseball fields at the complex, but when Gregory tried to move the association’s players to a t-ball field, they were too big for it.

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Right now, the organization has six active work requests submitted that haven’t been addressed at the complex, and Gregory said she would like to see them fixed soon.

“They want to get out here. They want to play. They want to learn,” she said about the players, " You see the excitement when they come out. My coaches come to look at me for answers, and when I can’t provide that, it’s a concern.”

Action News Jax’s Nick Gibson reached out to Jacksonville City Councilwoman Ju-Coby Pittman, whose district is where the park is located. A short time later, Gregory received a phone call from Pittman about these current work orders.

The City said there is also a website where people can go to as well, which can be found HERE.