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Duval County Schools implements new real-time emergency mobile alert system

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — In the case of a crisis at school, everyone is trying to talk to everyone. With multiple police agencies on scene, communications can get chaotic.

However, Duval County Public Schools hopes to eliminate some of that.

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At the end of this school year, a new mobile emergency school safety alert system will be fully installed, and it’s right at your hands.

“If there is a crisis in effect, active shooter, any other type of threat to the school safety. It can be a very chaotic situation,” DCPS Police Chief Gregory Burton said.

Chief Burton knows what it’s like to respond to a fast-moving situation. Sometimes in the midst of a crisis with several agencies working together, information gets lost in translation.

However, thanks to a new alert system, that’s all about to change.

Tphone system, the radio system, any video that we have available would be very important. In this system it brings all of that together,” Chief Burton said.

Mutualink is a platform that bridges the gap between law enforcement and school officials during a crisis.

“So creating a single channel for communication and the ability to then share pictures and video, mitigates a lot of the time once they get on scene of trying to figure out what’s going on,” Mutualink Chief Customer Experience Officer Chrissie Coon said.

In real time, law enforcement agencies can see surveillance video. They can text with school officials on site and they even have a map of the school building and individual classrooms.

Mutualink officials said their top priority is to expedite communication between school staff and the 911 center because every second counts.

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“Being able to notify the 911 center as soon as possible when an incident happens and bring clarity to the incident for first responders as they get on scene can help keep students safer,” Coon said.

At the tip of your fingers, you can talk with the police and help them help you.

Additionally, the technology is not costing the school district.

Officials said it’s paid for under Alyssa’s Law since it connects with the Raptor panic button.

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