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First IVF baby and Jax doctor working to bring awareness to infertility

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Forty-year-old Elizabeth Carr was the first IVF baby in the United States.

“My mother tried to have children the regular way, and she had some scar tissue from a botched surgery from when she was younger,” Elizabeth Carr said. “Essentially, she could get pregnant, but she couldn’t stay pregnant.”

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Her mother felt she was out of options.

“She went to her doctor and said ‘what can I do?’ and he said well I don’t really know if this could be an option for you but there’s a couple starting a program,” Carr explained. “[He said] it hasn’t been successful in the U.S. yet, but maybe you want to think about it and try it. And, then here I am!”

Dr. Samuel Brown of Brown Fertility in Jacksonville was the fellow of the doctor who helped Elizabeth’s mother.

Carr has recently published her book “Under the Microscope,” which gives insight into what it was like being the first IVF baby in the United States.

There will be a meet and greet book signing Wednesday from 5 p.m.. to 6:30 p.m. at Brown Fertility in Jacksonville (8149 Point Meadows Way Jacksonville, FL 32256).

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If you have questions for Carr or want to learn more about her story you can visit her website https://ejordancarr.com/. You can also email her your questions. She answers every email herself.

Brown Fertility can also help any families looking at alternate options for starting a family. 877-260-0352.