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Hart Bridge ramps open; Georgia-Florida fans at RV City miss additional lot space

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — The party at RV City is in full swing and if you’re driving around in the area, you’re also going to notice that the ramps on the Hart Bridge are back open.

Fans who are in Jacksonville for the Georgia-Florida game say while they appreciate the quicker access to downtown, there are some drawbacks to the ramps being back open. While the ramps help traffic flow more smoothly, the ramps have also cut into their space down in Lot E.

As Action News Jax told you last year, 60 RVs are now allowed to fill Lot E. That’s about half of the roughly 120 RVs that folks were used to in the past.

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Action News Jax Jessica Barreto spoke to fans back then who were adjusting to the change.

“I like a larger crowd, but we’ll see how this works out,” Georgia Bulldogs Scott Wall said.

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But even on Thursday, the fans said they’re still not used to it.

“Our row used to be the middle in RV City and now we’re the end and we’re also right by the ramp, which isn’t the greatest thing either. But we lost a lot of friends,” said Scott’s wife, Nancy Wall.

The Hart Bridge ramp project, formally known as Urban Core Riverfront Revitalization and Complete Streets, cost about $37.5 million, with the City of Jacksonville contributing $12.5 million and federal funding matching that.

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“We appreciate everything that the city has done but sometimes progress has its problems,” Lisa added.

“It’s not as fun as it used to be,” said Lisa’s husband, Eddie Freeman.

But fans that Action News Jax spoke to were excited to come together again and keep this tradition going.

“RV City is what brought us all together to begin with!” Wall said.

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