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‘I think they’d be impressed’: Mayor Curry responds to Kilmeade’s jab at Jacksonville

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry spoke out in a one-on-one interview with Action News Jax, after Fox and Friends host Brian Kilmeade took some shots at the city during a segment last week.

Kilmeade’s words were picked up by media outlet Florida Politics, which wrote that host Brian Kilmeade said Jacksonville is “just a mess.” Kilmeade went on to say that “the city needs to be revitalized” but believes Jacksonville has potential.

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Action News Jax Kennedy Dendy asked Mayor Curry his thoughts.

He said he’s been on Fox and Friends himself many times.

“I’d invite them to come see our projects that are billion-plus dollar projects that are under review,” Curry said. “I’d love to show somebody around whether it be one of the hosts, a producer or someone who is a part of any one of the shows. I think it’d be great. I think they would be impressed.”

Curry said he believes Kilmeade’s words Thursday were due to a lack of context.

“If you’re someone that hasn’t spent time in our city, you don’t understand where we were and how far we’ve come,” Curry said.

Curry described some of the major projects currently taking place in downtown Jacksonville that residents and visitors alike can look forward to — from the Four Seasons development, the arrival of the USS Orleck, the relocation of the Jacksonville Fire Museum and so much more along the riverfront.

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Mayor Curry says this is just the beginning.

Click or tap here to view the Downtown Investment Authority’s Development Map. There, you can gain insight on projects taking place in Downtown Jacksonville.

“When I took office in 2015, the Berkman II, that eyesore was standing,” Curry said. “The Jacksonville Landing on our riverfront was old and outdated and had no activity. It was standing.”

He explained how the Berkman Plaza II has come down, the landing is gone and the Riverfront Plaza is there for development. Curry said progress has been made when it comes to development downtown and shared that so much more is in store.

“I’m bullish and excited about how far we’ve come and about where we’ll end up in the years ahead,” Curry said.

To view more projects underway in Jacksonville, click or tap here.