Duval County

Jacksonville area families using app to check in on their loved ones at assisted living facilities

JACKSONVILLE AREA, Fla. — Local families across the country aren’t allowed to visit their loved ones at assisted living facilities.

Fran Creamer and her sister checked in on their 73-year-old sister who is staying at an assisted living facility in the Jacksonville area.

“She has Alzheimer’s that is advancing,” said Creamer.

They can’t visit her now because of coronavirus concerns. But, they can see what she’s doing through an app called Smile for Senior living communities.

Just a couple of weeks ago, their sister Gail was 4,700 miles away in Hawaii.

“The big question was how we are going to get her here?” said Creamer.

Creamer said they reached out to Kerri Johnson with GOMO Travel, which provides a medically trained companions.

“With Kerri caring for her every step of the way, she made sure that everything that she touched had been wiped down and cleaned,” said Creamer.

“It was quite a feat, 4,700 miles with somebody with dementia who had been known to be defiant with their dementia,” said Johnson.

Johnson said they are there for people who have to travel and need assistance.

While Creamer and her family miss seeing their sister, but they feel better knowing how she’s doing.

“She’s our little angel,” said Creamer.