Jacksonville car wash sanitizes vehicles to help fight coronavirus

Keeping cars coronavirus-free; Detailing business steps up to help community

JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. — Dave Danzeisen has been in business for 33 years running Clean Getaway Car Wash at Jacksonville Beach, but as the pandemic continues to spread his business is taking a hit with hardly any customers.

“This morning, we’ve had I think three cars in here in the last hour and a half, we would normally do 12.. maybe 13 maybe 15,” Danzeisen said.

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He says it only got worst once the beaches closed last week.

On Tuesday they shut down at 2 p.m. because they weren’t getting any customers.

The cars that do come in are being wiped down with alcohol to help fight the coronavirus.

“If somebody bring something in we don’t want them to go out with it so we wipe down the doorknobs, the steering wheels, the gearshift inside and out on the doorknobs,” he said.

This local car wash said it’s important to pay attention to the spots you touch the most.

The steering wheel for example has four times the amount of germs than an average toilet seat and the coronavirus can live on the same surface for hours or even days.

Products with at least 70 percent alcohol will help kill the coronavirus and Danzeisen said alcohol is also less harmful than some cleaners that contain chemicals like ammonia or bleach that could damage your car.

He said for now his car wash is open, but he’s not sure for how long and they’ve already had to make cuts to their staff.

“We normally would have 23 on payroll. We’re down to six and i’m not sure how long those six are going to last,” he said.